Our Services: Auditing with a Surplus for Your Company

On first sight financial auditing and tax consulting may look like a standardised procedure which can be performed by adhering legal instructions. This description does, however, not include the insights that a professionally performed audit will give you about your company. A detailed and well-structured overview of the asset, income and financial position of your company will help you discover new potential. This knowledge will allow you to significantly improve the conditions in which your enterprise is operating.

With SIEMER + PARTNER you can conduct optional as well as mandatory audits in your company. Our experienced and highly qualified auditors and tax consultants will offer you profound insights into the figures of your company and will issue reports for internal as well as external purposes. If need be, we are also ready to offer business consulting to you at a most excellent standard.

Our service in the field of tax law

Our main focus is always on providing excellent advice to our clients in all fiscal and financial matters. However, modern, future-oriented tax consulting is more than just preparing your tax returns to the highest legal and fiscal standard. Our tax experts will also take into account your economic, fiscal and private situation during the tax evaluation process. Following this analytical procedure we can help you to improve your financial situation and help to build up lasting success in your economic life.

Our expertise covers many areas. Apart from tax matters, we also specialize in legal consulting, business start-ups, finding capital, and matters of business succession, inheritance and rescues.

Our interdisciplinary team is fully-trained to the latest standards and has a wealth of knowledge thanks to many years of practical experience.

We look forward to finding excellent solutions for all your requirements.

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