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Our Service for Trustees and Associations

Our Service for Trustees

y setting up a trust, the benefactors aim to encourage people to strive for a goal. No matter whether the trust promotes culture, science, humanities or social matters, it will create lasting values. It is important to remember that by founding the trust, you will be laying the foundation for all its future achievements. For this reason, the very first steps will need to be well planned in order to ensure that the trust achieves its full potential.
If you are planning to found a trust, we look forward to making an appointment with you to learn more about your ideas and plans. In an initial no obligation meeting, our experts will give you advice on how you can transform your idea into a working trust. We are ready to support your ideas both during the trust’s foundation and during its actual operation.
The aim of our work will be to make your idea the central issue of the trust’s charter. We will also ensure flawless future operation by planning a solid legal and financial framework for your trust.

Our service for you:
  • Support while setting up the arrangements
  • Wording of the trust’s charter
  • Support with and during audits
  • Preparation of annual reports and tax returns

Our service for Associations (“Vereine")

ften people share a common cause which they wish to express and advance together. This kind of engagement can benefit from a legal framework in an association, which in Germany is organized under the Law of Associations (“Vereinsrecht”). Legal regulations allow plenty of options in the design of associations so they can best suit their purposes. This includes the charter, and the obligations to which people agree when applying for membership. All of these terms should be well planned during the foundation process.

Our legal consultants are experts in “Vereinsrecht” and look forward to helping you turn your idea into a network.

Our service for you:
  • Support during the foundation process
  • Wording of the charter
  • Support during the registration process
  • Support in all matters of tax and accounting
  • Preparation of annual reports

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