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Our Service for Private Customers

ax law is one of the most complex areas of law. For most people dealing with income tax, the guidelines are a real challenge. With all its exemption clauses, this field of law requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Most people are faced with a variety of issues when completing their tax returns. This is hardly surprising, considering the complex regulations and guidelines for income tax and private property.
Our team of professional tax consultants can help you to fully understand your fiscal situation. The insights we can offer you will not only ease the burden of preparing your tax returns, but will also help you to optimize your future planning.
No matter whether you have to deal with complex questions in your income tax declaration, or if you need to declare earnings from real estate or inheritance matters, we are the right consultants for you.

We support private customers particularly in the following matters:

  • Preparing all your tax declarations (i.e. income tax, VAT, or inheritance tax)
  • Continuous tax consulting, tax planning and optimization of tax statements
  • Intelligent planning for tax
  • Representation before tax authorities and in court

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