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Support for small and medium-sized businesses

ost of our customers are small and medium-sized companies in the metropolitan region of Bremen/Oldenburg. We understand the challenges, opportunities and risks that our clients face when expanding their businesses. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know that successful consulting cannot just be based on mere figures. Just as important is a keen instinct for business. And of course this instinct will also be your guide, when it comes to choosing the best auditor and tax consultant for your company.

The most important aspect of our work is the open and trusting dialogue with our customers. Our consultants will meet you at eye level and will keep your interests in mind while finding efficient solutions for your requirements. The solutions we provide are based on both standardized methods and individual approaches.

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Client Sector


Being in charge of a company means dealing with a variety of legal and fiscal regulations. Apart from choosing the most appropriate type of business entity when starting your company, it also means dealing with all aspects of social insurance and taxation. 


Craft businesses

Experience, know-how and commitment are the characteristics that make a successful skilled craft business. When a company is growing, the challenges concerning taxes, finances, personnel and administration tend to grow as well. 


Healthcare professionals

Current changes in healthcare have had substantial effects on the working situation of professionals in this sector. The fiscal, financial and legal situation has changed significantly.


Private customers

Tax law is one of the most complex areas of law. For most people dealing with income tax, the guidelines are a real challenge. With all its exemption clauses, this field of law requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.


Trustees and associations

By setting up a trust, the benefactors aim to encourage people to strive for a goal. No matter whether the trust promotes culture, science, humanities or social matters, it will create lasting values. It is important to remember that by founding the trust, you will be laying the foundation for all its future achievements.