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More Than the Sum of its Parts

SIEMER + PARTNER provides financial auditing, tax consulting and business consulting for companies and private customers.


ur company was established in Bremen in the 1990’s to provide financial auditing and tax consulting. As we gained more insight into the business and better understanding of our customers’ needs, we soon started providing additional services in the field of business and legal consulting.

It goes without saying that our strengths are reflected in the accurate processing of financial audits and our commitment to all services involved in tax and business consulting. Our interdisciplinary approach also allows us to offer an extensive and precise analysis of the entire economic situation in which a firm operates. This analysis has proven to be of great value to many of our clients.

We ensure the high quality of our work by maintaining a multifaceted team and by providing regular training for our 80 employees.

The general partners of SIEMER + PARTNER

The general partners of SIEMER + PARTNER are Martin Siemer, Markus Buhlrich, Dorena Blumenfeld, Jasmin Bottermann, Jan Schmidtke, Marco Scheper and Birgit Claassen.

Martin Siemer is an auditor, tax consultant and consultant in matter of business succession. After graduating from the Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität he started his career as a tax consultant and auditor in an international business consulting company. In 1995, after having held various positions in his profession, he started his own business. Alongside the traditional tasks of tax consulting, Mr. Siemer specialized in the field of providing rehabilitation measures for small and medium sized enterprises and consulting in matters of business succession. He also works as an executor of wills.

Markus Buhlrich is an auditor and tax consultant. His areas of professional expertise include business acquisitions and mergers as well as the planning and implementation of due diligence proceedings. After completing his studies in economics and working as a research associate at the University of Bremen, he then joined SIEMER + PARTNER in 2004. In 2008 he successfully completed the tax advisor exam and in 2014 the exam in financial auditing. Mr. Buhlrich became a member of the group of managers in 2012.

Dorena Blumenfeld is a tax consultant. Her work focus is providing consultation in tax optimization and the preparation of tax assessments. One of her specialties is VAT law. After her training as a tax clerk and her graduation in business administration from the University of Essen, Dorena Blumenfeld joined SIEMER + PARTNER in 2000. Her appointment as a tax advisor followed three years later. She became a member of the group of managers in 2015.

Jasmin Bottermann is an auditor and tax consultant. She graduated in business management from the University of Mannheim and started her professional career in an international business consulting company. After successfully passing her exams as a tax consultant in 2012, she joined SIEMER +PARTNER, where she was appointed as an auditor in 2014. Mrs. Bottermann became a member of the group of managers in 2015. Her main focus is on the implementation of legally and voluntary annual reports and the annual preparation of financial statements for medium-sized and non-profit companies.

Jan Schmidtke is a tax consultant. Following his training as a tax clerk, Jan Schmidtke joined SIEMER + PARTNER in October 2000. He then completed his further training as a tax specialist in 2004. In the period from 2006 to 2014, Mr. Schmidtke gained further experience in a medium sized auditing firm, where he successfully completed the tax advisor exam in February 2009. In 2014 he returned to SIEMER + PARTNER and became a member of the group of managers in 2015. He advises clients primarily in the commercial and non-profit sector. His main scope among others is the preparation of financial statements and tax returns, monitoring special tax issues and the preparation of financial business plans.

Our company philosophy

We combine business expertise with many years of experience and good business sense
SIEMER + PARTNER employs a team of highly qualified experts in the fields of tax and business consulting. Our consultants are your reliable partners, no matter whether you need help with your tax returns, when starting your own company or when planning matters of succession.

We like to compare our work to that of an old-school family doctor – just like him, we always stay in touch with our clients and support their healthy development. And, just like a doctor, we will be there for you in any emergency, using our vast experience to find the best solutions as quickly as possible.

In our mixed team, long-term employees provide a wealth of experience and competence, while younger colleagues help to generate new ideas and innovation regarding all aspects of customer support. All of our employees share the same passion for their work. The strong work ethic of our staff and the ideas laid down by the partners Mr Siemer and Mr Buhlrich in the company philosophy are the key to the success of SIEMER + PARTNER Vision and integrity shape the work we do. The general partners are personally responsible for all steps taken to support our customers.

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